Is This The Right Time For O Level Physics Tuition?

“O Level Physics Tuition: Is It The Right Time To Go For It Yet?”

This would depend largely on your child’s recent results & the challenges he/she has been facing on the journey to achieving these results. And these are usually problems that can be solved by a good Physics tutor.


All parents want their children to achieve the best results they can. Hence first & foremost:


How satisfied are you with your child’s Physics grades?


Naturally, if your child is doing well, there will not be a need for tuition [unless the compelling reason is that you want your child to maintain his/her A1/A2 exam grade.


For most parents with children who need help with scoring better grades – here’s what you ultimately want, isn’t it? –


“I Just Want My Child To Score As High As Possible, Ideally, An ‘A1/A2’.


[Am I Right?? J]

With a consistent 16-year (& Counting) track record of bringing students from ‘F9’ to ‘A1’ (5 to 6 grades) within 6-9 months, we definitely have all the resources to do that. We equip all our students with the knowledge & skills to score an ‘A1/A2’ grade in the major exams.


But Is It Time For Physics Tuition Yet? First & foremost, it’s helpful to consider:


How Motivated Is Your Child To Improve?


“You Can Lead The Cow To The Water, But You Cannot Force The Cow To Drink”.


Despite having the best intentions for your child, your child must also feel that sense of urgency in coming for Physics tuition! Because to get the maximum value from tuition, it is important that your child is ready to be coached FIRST –  there must be strong, grounded commitment to improvement [“YES! I want score well in my exams!”


If your child is already scoring ‘B’ grade or a borderline ‘A’ – and is perfectly content with it (even when you are not..), then probably sending them for tuition might not be so useful.


Of course as parents, if we mandate to our children that they must still come for tuition, they will still go – but they will not feel good about themselves. Students who attend tuition when “forced” to are less likely to experience significant improvement:


Scenario 1: Because the child is forced against her/his will to come for tuition, he/she does not pay attention & ends up chatting with & distracting others from learning. [And most probably armed with excuses ready to fire away, for not completing tuition homework etc.]


So time is wasted & there is no improvement. Each weekly O Level Physics tuition class is about 2hours [Sec 4 Physics Tuition]. That’s a whopping 104 hours wasted per year! [And even more – considering the travel time wasted to-and-fro from the tuition centre. This time wasted could have been better utilized to focus on other subjects.]


Scenario 2 (Positive): While forced to go for tuition, the child enjoys the tuition lessons. Any prior negativity is reframed in a positive manner. He/she pays attention, completes homework and clarifies all doubts. His/her exam results improve by leaps & bounds.


Hence it’s highly important to understand your child’s values, limiting beliefs & commitment towards doing well academically first.



Either way, we put in lots of effort to engage our students & help them nurture a love for Physics, thus enabling them to enjoy their lessons. This is achieved through a combination of classroom learning, interactive video & a fun, engaging online assessment that gauges with over 95% accuracy on how well they would fare in the actual exams.


We love Physics, & we want to spread our love & knowledge for the subject all around us. We turn Physics ‘Haters’ into ‘Lovers’; helping them apply & appreciate Physics in daily life.


The ultimate result is that the students develop the Physics Itch’, which enables them to solve any Physics problem & to never back down & give up. This process develops students’ confidence & gives them that extra edge when tackling Physics tests & O Level Physics exams.


So there you are! At the end of the day, you & your child need to agree on attending tuition. Then go full steam ahead to find a suitable tutor & the excellent exam results will follow. Right?


Stay Tuned to our next article & learn about finding out what type of help your child needs, which I will cover in the next weekly blog article.


Cheers to your child’s success,


Contributing Writer: Suraj, Marketing Assistant, Blogger

Editor-In-Chief: Bryan Lai, O Level Physics Tutor

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