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“An application question tests students’ readiness and knowledge on the spot. Think of it like a pressure test, where we give you the recipe of a dish and want to do it on the spot.”

H2 Mathematics (9758) has come a long way to be what it is today. The syllabus has undergone several changes until today. The current syllabus has an increased focus on mathematics that are applicable to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. SEAB and MOE has clearly shifted their focus towards STEM.

H2 Mathematics will cover a range of topics such as calculus, binomial theorems and abstract topics such as complex numbers. Examinations also have taken an increasing focus on application questions, where students are tested on their raw understanding of concepts and are expected to apply them on the spot. Such application questions now take up to 25% of the marks.


Is tuition necessary for H2 mathematics?

The shift in H2 math syllabus has made the traditional approach of drilling questions inappropriate for studying. The increasing focus on application questions have also instilled panic in students, as they struggle with unseen questions and fears of not being adequately prepared for the exams. The pressure on students is also immense, as they are expected to master the H2 math syllabus in roughly one and a half year.


How can we help you in H2 Math?

Physics Academy@XMEducation is equipped with wellknown teachers who are able to help you understand the concepts with ease, along with updated practice questions.

Why do you need to do well in H2 Math?

With a good pass in H2 math being an important admission criteria for many university courses, we encourage students to pursue H2 math tuition, to ensure that they will be ready to face the application questions and the demands of the syllabus.


About Our Tutor


Master Math Tutor

Mr. Lim Bo Dong

Mr Lim is a firm believer in giving his students ample practice in a wide range of Mathematics questions, so that they are thoroughly familiar with the concepts in each chapter and can tackle any hard questions that are to come out in the Examinations. He is more than willing to go the extra mile to help his students excel. Students in his classes will be exposed to the ten- (or twenty-year) series, as well as the most challenging questions from the latest JC Prelim papers. In addition, he also offers WhatsApp consultations for his students, so that they can pose any doubts or enquiries they may have.

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