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About Physics Academy?

Physics tuition at Physics Academy is the most popular tuition subject amongst our students. In the past 13 years, our founder Mr Bryan Lai and his team of Physicists, Book authors, and A Star Research Scientists produced numerous Physics distinction holders in both the O & A Levels.


Through 6 years of testing, research and development, Mr Lai and his team members have successfully invented PhysicsProf learning system, our Personalised Physics Learning System that could reduce learning curve by 50%, promote deep-learning of Physics concepts, and eventually achieve rapid grade transformation (e.g. failure to A/B grade) in just a few months.


At Physics Academy, we provide unmatched learning experience and values to all our Physics students. You will get


After 6 years of content and video development, XMEducation has successfully completed the recording of entire H1/H2 A Level JC Physics syllabus.

The video lessons help to supplement our students’ learning, and to provide them with an avenue of revision even outside lesson hours

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The Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible) consists of explanation questions which is the component that most students find challenging in an examination!

Our answers follow the Cambridge marking scheme and more than 20 marks were secured during national examinations every year just by flipping through our Physics Compendium.

Near the exam period, many are eager to purchase this Physics Compendium. However, this Compendium is exclusively for The Physics Academy students.



The Physics Concept List consists of all the concepts taught in the A-level syllabus.

It serves as a self-check for students and allow tutors to keep a record of each student.

When the students have done enough practices and managed to pass the quizzes for those concepts, the tutors will sign on the concept list.

Concept List 1_1
Concept List 2_2


The Physics Formula Card consists of summarized equations for every chapters.

Easy to bring around, students can bring this along when they study and save time flipping through the notes for the necessary equations!

Especially during Mid-Years of End-of-Year examinations when there are numerous chapters to revise, this formula card serves as a quick revision and recap for students while they are preparing for the exams.

Physics Formula List 1_1
Physics Formula List 2_2


All these books are written by Mr Bryan Lai, our Award winning Physics Tutor & founder.

The contents are specially selected by our tutors with illustrations to allow students to understand it easily. Along with sufficient examples and practices for students to hone their skills, it is a full package that allow students to master the concepts in no time!


Master Physics Tutors

Mr. Bryan Lai (Ex-MOE Teacher)


Mr. Lai is an ex-MOE Secondary and Junior College Lecturer, specialising in Physics and Biology. In his time with MOE, Mr. Lai has transformed the bottom classes of the cohort to become the Top 3


Mr. Baarath Ram (Book Author)


Mr. Baarath Ram graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, he has authored two A level Physics guidebooks which have been bestsellers.


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