Why You Should Join Physics Academy

Why You Should Join Physics Academy Many students find physics difficult because of its unique meld of concepts, formulas, mathematical calculations and graphs. Physics tests a student’s understanding by requiring them to make use of a variety of formulas that can be combined, rearranged and manipulated to solve problems.  Just knowing the formulas is not enough. To excel at physics, students need a firm grasp of the underlying concepts and develop intuition that enables them…

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Digital Teaching vs. Traditional Teaching

Digital Teaching vs. Traditional Teaching In today’s information era, where almost every question we ask, we can find the answers at our fingertips in seconds, unlike our less privileged predecessors, who had to read book after book, and even library after library to find the answers they seek which may have taken months. However, unlike back then, we may lack the necessary experts around us to help us discern facts from myths and truths from…

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Tips To Remember Science Content

1) Make sure you have all of your notes. That way when you’re ready to study, everything must be neatly organised and you can start studying right away. Also put the date at the top of the page when you start taking notes. This will keep you in chronological order, which can help you conceptualize the moment you were taking these notes and aid in studying. It is a very vital part of memorising as writing…

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Is This The Right Time For O Level Physics Tuition?

“O Level Physics Tuition: Is It The Right Time To Go For It Yet?” This would depend largely on your child’s recent results & the challenges he/she has been facing on the journey to achieving these results. And these are usually problems that can be solved by a good Physics tutor.   All parents want their children to achieve the best results they can. Hence first & foremost:   How satisfied are you with your…

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