Digital Teaching vs. Traditional Teaching

Digital Teaching vs. Traditional Teaching

In today’s information era, where almost every question we ask, we can find the answers at our fingertips in seconds, unlike our less privileged predecessors, who had to read book after book, and even library after library to find the answers they seek which may have taken months. However, unlike back then, we may lack the necessary experts around us to help us discern facts from myths and truths from lies and even show us the right path. After all, the internet is filled with both good and bad. Thus, has the advancement of technology made it easier for us to learn or much more difficult?

Traditional Teaching:

We should start with the one with more evidence. Traditional teaching has been going on since the moment man decided to pass on knowledge. It’s still continuing on today. However, how effective has it been, especially since the introduction of digital learning?

Traditional teaching is basically a person teaching other people or in simpler terms, a teacher. These people are important as they help to pass on existing knowledge to prevent it from being lost or more commonly these days, to help us to get jobs in our future through schools or other educational institutions.

However, what makes them better than digital learning?

Unlike digital learning, they can provide more reliable advice for us when needed from their experience. Moreover, teachers are also seen by some as friends and are also role models. Moreover, they are able to help you in different ways, something digital learning is yet able to do. There may be other differences but these are some of them.

Digital Learning:

Digital learning only came into the spotlight recently. With rapid advancements of technology, the ability of teaching digitally is changing from technology that supports a teacher while they teach to one day, in all probability, replacing the teachers themselves!

However, how do they outshine traditional teachers?

One main advantage is that digital learning it is unbiased and inexhaustible. This means it cannot become tired or sick or have other commitments or what not like traditional teachers. Moreover, as education changes to meet development needs and aims of the country, knowledge and how it is transmitted also need to be improved to be passed on to future generations. The traditional method would require the teachers to go for courses and disappear for a few days which mean time is lost and wasted as their student do not have access to their knowledge or teaching. On the other hand, these changes will need to be just transferred to the teaching programs or our future digital teachers and thus, less time is spent as programs don’t need to spend time to ‘learn’. Thus, the digital learning method is always available for students.

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