Download H2 Physics Concept List (130 Concepts) That Helps You Plan Your Studies!

Download H2 Physics Concept List (130 Concepts) That Helps You Plan Your Studies!

How do you know if you are ready for your physics exam? If you don’t already have a proper studying strategy, we’re 90% sure that you pretty much can’t gauge your own progress.

Memorising your physics notes is definitely NOT the way to go. To ensure that you’re on track with your revision, you’ll need what our students have. Introducing…the 130 Concept List! At Physics Academy, students learn by mastering all the H2 Physics Concepts required of them, which is consolidated in this list.

HOW to use the checklist:

  1. Look through the list to see what you already know.
  2. For concepts that you think you have already understood, you can try out some practice questions related to the topic. If you are able to solve all of these questions, it shows that you do understand your work. Put a tick in the box ‘self-check’. If you are consistently getting the questions wrong, review your notes again and attempt more questions until you get a better hang of the concept.
  3. After ticking off the “self-check” box, go to your teacher. Your teacher would provide some form of assessment for you on the topic itself. If you pass the assessment, the teacher would sign in the box right next to yours to indicate that you have gained mastery of the concept.

You can choose to complete it topic by topic OR by completing one concept per topic and move on. Do whatever is more beneficial for you. Your aim would be to complete the entire checklist. And when you have, you can confidently say “I’m ready”.

Benefits of using the H2 Physics Concept Checklist:

Has anyone told you that time will be your greatest enemy?

So many things to do…and yet so little time! With so many things to revise, I’ll never get there. But think again. You will be able to finish your revision in time, as long as you do your revision systematically.

Manage your time better by strategising your learning!

With our list, you’ll know EVERYTHING that you need to master in H2 Physics. Being aware of what is important will save you time, as you wouldn’t waste your time learning things which are out of the syllabus. As you try to gain mastery in these concepts, you would gain exposure to a variety of physics questions as well. Plan a revision schedule for yourself. For example, you could aim to finish off 3 concepts a day.

Gauge your preparedness level by identifying your learning gaps

There are bound to be areas which you are stronger at, and areas which you are weaker in. If you are not able to check a concept off your list, it shows that you don’t have sufficient practice in that area. In that case, you should focus on what you’re weaker at, as opposed to going back to revise concepts which you are already very familiar with.

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