Where are your different branches located?

Physics Academy @ XMEducation Centre - Bukit Batok (Main Branch)

151 Bukit Batok Street 11, #03-252 Singapore 650151

  1. Take Bus 991 from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange at Bukit Batok MRT Station and alight at the 4th bus stop.
  2. Walk along the pathway towards the coffeeshop, turn into Blk 150-158 Carpark Entrance.
  3. You will spot a lift lobby on the left-hand side near the parking space of the Motorcycles. Find us at #03-252.

Physics Academy @ XMEducation Centre - Orchard

150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza, #04-34 Singapore 238841

  1. Alight at Somerset MRT Station.
  2. Walk towards Orchard Point, our building is located next to it.
  3. Take the lift up to #04-34, you will find our classroom.

Physics Academy @ XMEducation Centre - Kembangan

111 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419149

  1. Alight at Kembangan MRT Station, turn right once you tap out of the control station.
  2. Follow the sheltered walkway to the bus stop and continue to walk up.
  3. You will pass by a round-a-about; walk further up.
  4. When you see South Union Park you will almost have arrived. We are right at the other corner besides BERRIES.

How is Physics Academy related to XMEducation Centre?

XMEducation Centre is the parent company and Physics Academy (which deals primarily with Physics Education) is its subsidiary.

How can I contact the Administration team?

We accept walk in or call in enquiries. However, most of our students have been recommended to our cetnre through word of mouth from relatives and friends. Seats are often limited and once the capacity is full, we will stop accepting new students.

Do take note of our Operating Hours as below:

CLOSED on Monday, Tuesday (enquiries will be responded as soon as possible)

Wednesday to Friday: 130pm to 930pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 7pm

How do I register for the Free Trial Class / Classes?

Interested to join us? You may make a reservation via the link here. Alternatively, you can also whatsapp or call us @ 9068 8953.

Can I arrange to meet up with the tutors?

Yes, you may arrange a meetup with the tutors. The student and parents should prepare all enquiries before the meeting. The meeting will be conducted for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes long and will be of free of charge. Please contact our administrative staff to book the limited time slots available for private consultations.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Our tutors are book authors, experienced ex-MOE teachers and full-time tutors with more than 10 years of teaching experience. 

Are there lessons during School Holiday?

Yes, lessons carry on as per usual during the school holidays (regardless one week term break or one month semester break). Our Academy provides holiday programmes (Crash course) for students. This Crash Course would include revision or enrichment classes. It helps students to catch up on their previous semester’s work or to prepare them for the syllabus that is to be covered in the upcoming semester.

Do you provide 1-to-1 tuition?

Please do contact our administrator at 90688953 if you wish to enquire on 1-to-1 tuition.

Do my child / I need Physics Tuition?

(For O Level Students):  Many parents send their children to tuition early so that they stand an advantage over their peers. The competitive education system has led to the vast majority of parents sending their children for tuition so that they don’t get left behind. This makes tuition a necessity unless your child is independent, studious and responsible. Otherwise, he/she might find that it is difficult for him/her to compete with his/her peers who attend tuition.

(For A Level Students): O Level students who score an A1/A2 might think that you will be fine for JC. However, our director has found that many of his own students who got A for O levels ended up flunking their JC tests, as a results of quitting tuition. This is because the jump from O levels to A levels is huge; many students don’t realise this until it’s too late. Consequently, they end up panicking and becoming overly stressed when it comes time for A Levels.

Please refer to the Testimonial section.

What is your maximum class size?

When our class reaches critical mass, we will open new classes to reduce the average size of the class. Since we allow students to attend makeup classes, we therefore cannot commit to an exact class size. Generally, the weekend classes are bigger than the weekday classes.

We can ensure the quality of each lesson will not be compromised regardless of the class size and where the students are from. Our tutors are so well versed in the subject that they are aware of the common misconceptions made by students and will be able to accurately anticipate questions students will ask. More than this, our tutors have insight into the kinds of questions that students should be asking, even if students don't ask them!

The Class size is rather large. Will my child be able to follow the class, and will my child be taken care of in class?

The class size does not matter. Instead, what matter is the capability of our tutors. Our tutors are book authors and ex-MOE teachers with more than 10 years of experience. They are more than qualified to help your child in his/her academic journey. In fact, we also offer digital lessons which allow students to recap on the concepts that they are weaker in.

Won't the pure science classes be too heavy for the combined science students?

Our training program is considered more intensive for the combined science students. However, students that have gone through our training progarmme have provent to be more capable of scoring distinctions as well as beating the bell curve in examinations.

I understand each school teaches different chapters for Lower Secondary Science. How do your tutors teach the class if all the students are studying different sujbect / topic (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)?

Usually the lower secondary class size is relatively small. Thus, the tutors will able to help each individual students with the topics taught in his/her school's curriculum.

How do your tutors teaches? Do they go through everything? Do they give homework and mark for the students?

We have encountered numerous students, who complain that their school teachers do not know to teach well, or that their lecture notes are lacking in detail. On the other hand, others complain that their school notes are overly detailed and difficult to comprehend. This hampers the student's learning; many students find it overwhelming to even solve simple questions since they weren't taught properly.

Our task here at Physics Academy is to ensure that we find the best tutor for your child. We aim to deliver the subject content to students in a simple and accessible manner. Students can expect to be given ample practice in questions of varying difficulty, ranging from basic, intermediate to advanced.

Each lesson is basically broken up into 4 parts: Concept, Demonstrating, Applying, Test (CDAT)


This part of the lesson is to ensure that concepts are taught to the students in a cogent and simple-to-understand manner.


This involves a live demonstration by the teacher in showing how concepts are to be applied and used to solve examination questions.


When the student beings working himself/herself through questions of increasing difficulty (from basic to intermediate and then advanced). The tutor will adjust the difficulty level of the questions accordingly as students become more competent in their grasp of the core concepts.


Finally, in order to assess if students has fully understood the concept, they will be asked to attempt an online quiz. This allows the tutor, as well as the student's parents, to monitor the student's academic progress closely.

Your centres combine both Primary 5 and 6 / Secondary 1 and 2 students in the same class? How do your tutors teach? Will it affect the students as they are of different level?

For Primary 5 / Secondary 1 students, they are learning the contents for both Primary 5 and 6 / Secondary 1 and 2 and for the Primary 6 / Secondary 2 students, these lessons will act as revision lessons - for them to recap and revisit the concepts that they have learnt. The pace of our lessons is slightly faster than the school's, but this helps students to advance in their learning greatly.

Why even the distinction students are attending classes?

The current trend in tuition may slightly differ from the past. Back then, students only attended tuition class if they are weak in the subject. Today, students often find themselves lacking time for study due to numerous commitments in school, such as co-curriculum activities, competition and 3rd language classes. In order to maximize their use of time, students can choose to accelerate their learning curve in class by engaging a good tutor to fast-track their learning process. Tuition is not to be regarded as a substitute for lessons in school, but rather as a means of learning effectively and clearing misconceptions swiftly.

What is this Physics Bible / Physics Compendium that your centre have?

The Physics Bible is a compilation of a wide range of structured questions and answers that aims to help students to secure the highest possible score in Paper 2 and Paper 3 Physics explanation question.

Take a look at here

What is PhysicsProf Learning System?

PhysicsProf is a powerful learning system invented by our founder, Mr Bryan Lai to speed up the learning of 77 Physics Concepts for ‘O’ Level and 130 Physics Concepts for ‘A’ Level students.

Students will undergo a series of personalised intensive training sessions in both the online and face-to-face classroom environment.

We aren't simple offering the traditioanl 2 hour weekly tuition classes. Instead, students can come to our tuition centre and learn any chapter at their own pace, with unlimited, customized unlimited worksheets tailored to overcome their weaknesses.

Click on this link to know more.

How are your books able to help students to do well in the Examinations?

PHYSICS is one of the most challenging subjects as it involves deep conceptual understanding with powerful problem-solving techniques. To make Physics an easier subject to learn, Mr Lai has written Physics (Expert Series) books for O and A Level students.

The books are specially targeted at Beginner and Intermediate Learners as it consists of Notes, Worked Examples, Tips, IQ Explanation-Based Questions and Solutions, as well as National Examination Questions and Solutions. For students from Top Schools/JC, he/she will receive the “Top School/JC Series” where students will be trained to handle higher order thinking questions.

You may refer to some samples in the BOOKS section.

What are your Fee Structures?

What are your payment modes?

Are the course materials included in the fees?

The material fees are not included in the tuition fees. An additional $30 worth of material fees will be charged every month for students paying on a monthly basis. However, we will waive the material fees if tuition fees are paid on a termly basis.

If I want to quit tuition, how many month(s) in advance do I have to inform the centre?

We require a 1 month notice in advance, those who failed to do so, the remaining fees of the term will be forfeited.

Do I get a refund if my child couldn't attend one of the lesson?

No refund will be issued under all circumstances (including MC) as the course fee is shared among all registered students based on the scheduled lessons. We thank you for understanding regarding this matter. The fee remains payable regardless of attendance. However, makeup arrangements will be made for any class missed.

Please inform the administrative staff as early as possible to schedule for the makeup class. Alternatively, your child can access the recorded lessons available and watch them before coming for the next lesson.

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