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The Challenge With Scoring "A' For IP Physics

The Road To Doing Well In IP Physics

IP Physics covers a greater breadth and depth compared to O Level Physics. Students will face challenging questions that stretch them beyond their limits.

Generally, IP Students are perceived to excel academically, gaining direct admission to JC or IB Level without sitting for O Levels. However, IP academic standards are significantly higher. Scoring an 'A' becomes more daunting and difficult with the stiff competition.

IP students who underperform in their end-of-year exams ought to seek help as soon as possible. As they move on to A Level and IB Level, the content syllabus will become more complex. Under performing students face immense difficulties coping with the academic demands of JC Physics. Consequently, they may become unmotivated and their grades end up suffering. This limits their chances of entering their desired university.

Therefore, IP students need to be equipped with critical skills to understand and apply Physics concepts, so that they may tackle their exams with confidence and precision. Preparation for IP Physics is easy when you have the right help & academic tools. At Physics Academy, our Sec 3 - 4 Physics Tuition materials are carefully crafted to cater to both mainstream O Level Physics and IP Physics students. 

With our unique teaching methodology, students will strengthen their foundation and master the requisite analytical skills to score an 'A' grade in O Level & IP Physics.

Our IP Physics Tuition Excellence Framework

Opening More Possibilities For IP Students By Scoring Well In IP Physics

Interactive Video Learning

Understand the Concepts & Calculations Covered In IP Physics Via Our Interactive Videos. By IP Physics Tutor Bryan Lai

IP Physics Tuition

Enhance Understanding of IP Physics Topic By Asking Questions & Clarifying All Doubts With IP Physics Tutor Bryan Lai

Mr. "IP Physics" Brain

Test Your Knowledge & Understanding of IP Physics By Challenging Our In-House Online Assessment System

Mastery Drill Practices

Hone Your Skills & Understanding in IP Physics With Our Carefully Crafted Practices Ace Your Exams Quickly

Holy 'IP Physics' Bible

Learn The Correct Keywords & Answering Strategies & Secure Yourself An Easy 30 - 40 Marks in the IP Physics Exams

Targeted Improvement

Improve Understanding In Weaker Areas, Achieve Mastery & See How Prepared You Are For The Actual IP Physics Exams

Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible)

The Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible) consists of explanation questions which is the component that most students find challenging in an examination!

Our answers follow the Cambridge marking scheme and more than 20 marks were secured during national examinations every year just by flipping through our Physics Compendium.

Near the exam period, many are eager to purchase this Physics Compendium. However, this Compendium is exclusively for The Physics Academy students.


Physics Concept List

The Physics Concept List consists of all the concepts taught in the O-level syllabus.

It serves as a self-check for students and allow tutors to keep a record of each student.

When the students have done enough practices and managed to pass the quizzes for those concepts, the tutors will sign on the concept list.

O Concept List 1_1
O Concept List 2_2

Physics Formula Card

The Physics Formula Card consists of summarized equations for every chapters.

Easy to bring around, students can bring this along when they study and save time flipping through the notes for the necessary equations!

Especially during Mid-Years or End-of-Year examinations when there are numerous chapters to revise, this formula card serves as a quick revision and recap for students while they are preparing for the exams.

O Physics Formula List_1

Our In-House Books (Challenging Physics)

Almost 100% of the IP students here get A1 for Physics every year, and this is largely attributed to Mr Lai's specially crafted book "Challenging Physics", which he uses to train his students. 

Many students are confident after going through the training, and eventually passing their examinations with flying colours.

O Level Challenging Physics
IP Level Challenging Physics

Mastery Practice and Weekly Quiz

In addition to the practices provided in the notes which are of national examinations standard, students are also able to have access to top Secondary or Junior College questions which are of higher difficulty.

Tutors will also base on each student’s weaknesses and provide additional questions for you to practice, creating a form of personalised learning catered to individuals.

This serves to stretch the students’ ability beyond their current level as the bell curve is consistently rising in this competitive society.

The weekly quizzes allow students to attempt 1 quiz in the classroom before the end of each lesson.

If students did not manage to pass Quiz 1, they can revise and re-attempt Quiz 2 later at their convenience and preference.

The quizzes can help students to recap the concept after each lesson and allow them to know whether they are catching up with the lessons.

With the help of these quizzes, students can now better gauge their ability and tackle their own weaknesses!


Priyadarahini, IP Physics, RGS

Gained GPA 3.6 In IP Year 4 Exam

"He Motivated His Students Through His Lively And Interactive Teaching Methods."


I must thank Mr Lai for developing my interest in Physics and now I love the subject. He motivated his students through his lively and interactive teaching methods. Mr Lai encourages his students to clear their doubts whenever they want to and even stay back after class to help his students.


He teaches in a way such that all students can easily understand and repeats key concepts so that we would not forget them. He gives lot of practical exercises exposing the students to different type of questions. I got a grade point average of 3.6 for my Year 4 Exam, thanks to Mr Lai.

IP Physics Class Schedule

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Sat: 9am - 11am

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IP Physics [Year 4]

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