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[Attention: Parents Who Want Their Child To Score 'A1/A2' for O Levels Physics!]

DISCOVER How Over 1,000 Students Scored 'A1/A2' 'O Level' Physics After Attending Our 'ZERO-TO-HERO' Mastery I-Class Tuition Programme!

A Thoughtfully, Structured, Step-By-Step O Level Physics  Mastery Tuition Programme

*ONLY Tried & Tested Study + Exam Strategies

Accelerate Your Learning Today With Our 6-Month O Level 'ZERO-TO-'HERO' Physics Mastery I-Class Specially Crafted, Structured & Designed For O Level Students!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

VENUES: Bukit Batok OR Kembangan [Near MRT]

Bukit Batok: 151, Bukit Batok St 11, #03-252, S650151. 

Kembangan: 111, Jalan Kembangan, S419149.

Accelerate Your Learning Today With Our 6-Month O Level 'ZERO-TO-'HERO' Accelerated Physics Mastery I-Class Specially Crafted, Structured & Designed For O Level Students!

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The Time Is Now. There Is No Need To Wait.

  • Compresses 2 Years of Syllabus Into 6-9 Months Of Lessons

    The O Level Physics Mastery I-Class Compresses 2 Years of Syllabus Content Into 6-9 Months Of Ultra Effective Lessons So Our Students Have Ample Time For Revision & Score 'A1/A2' Easily In Their Upcoming Cambridge Examination.


    Up To 50 Students Only. While Slots Last.

Let's Get Started

Hi I'm Bryan Lai, O Level Physics Tutor

Empowering O level Physics Students All Over Singapore, 1 Topic At A Time

Master Physics Tutor

Mr Lai

  • Ex-MOE O Level / JC Physics Lecturer, PGDE NIE, MSc NTU
  • Over 10 Years In Teaching Experience
  • Ex-MOE A/O levels Physics Tutor
  • Best-Selling Physics Book Author

Hi Parents, my name is Bryan Lai & For over 10 years, my students know me as the Expert O Level Physics Tutor who has helped over 1,000 students achieved 'A1/A2' in O Level Physics in 6-9 months, even if they were unmotivated, Score badly, or hated Physics previously!

With my Integrated Learning Methodology (ILM) which combines Weekly Group Lessons, Virtual Tutor Mr. "Physics" Brain & O Level Physics Bible, my students have gone from 'ZERO-TO-HERO' in Physics, developing high proficiency for that extra edge in their exams.

What Happens After Our Students Attend The Programme

Raving Reviews From Our O Level Physics Students


E8 To A1 In O Level

"His Lessons Played A Huge Part In Me Being Able To Pass My Retest".


In Secondary 3, I failed my Physics end of year exam, which led to me joining physics tuition. Following that, Mr. Lai managed to efficiently and interestingly reteach me topics I was weak at and corrected many of my misconceptions over the December Holidays.

His lessons played a huge part in me being able to pass my retest the following year. I then decided to continue physics tuition as I saw its impact on my core understanding of physics. Mr. Lai’s lessons have helped me to solidy my foundation in physics and develop an interest in the subject.

These, along with Mr. Lai’s dedication and experience helped me to obtain an A1 for physics in the recent O Level examinations. It was only through his lesson and help that I managed to progress from an E8 to an A1.

- Chloe, St. Nicholas Girls


F9 To A1 Within 6 Months

 "Travelled Almost 2 Hours From Tampines To Bukit Batok, Just To Attend Mr. Lai's Class!"

Mr Lai! OMG I am so grateful to you. I scored A1, and you know it only take less than 6 months and that’s the only A1 I got. Your teaching is really awesome. I cannot express how gratitude I am towards you as you know I was F9 back few months.

You know, I stay at Tampines and I think the effort to travel 1 hour plus to your centre at Bkt Batok was really fruitful. The questions you gave almost covers all the possibilities in the exam!

I could absorb all the things you taught me in one 2-hour class, whereas I don’t really understand what my school teacher taught me even after 1 year and that’s why I kept failing.

The Physics Brain was damn fun!! It’s like playing games, without knowing that I was learning….haha! Again thank you Mr Lai for your dedication, care and concern throughout my O Level last year!! ^^

- Haiqal, TKSS


A1 in O Level

"The Journey Was Difficult, With Mr Lai Having To Clear Many Misconceptions That I Had, On Top Of Completing The Syllabus On Time!"

In my secondary 3 mid-terms examination, I didn’t fare very well for my physics despite putting in a lot of effort into it. From then on, I decided that physics just “wasn’t my subject” and disliked it.

My aunt recommended going to Mr Lai’s tuition and reluctantly, I signed up with Mr Lai for physics tuition. Mr Lai was able to evoke my interest and curiosity in the subject by linking it to the real-world. This allowed me to understand the physics concept better instead of merely being an abstract idea.

After getting me interested in the subject, he started to revise certain topics that I was weak in with me. The journey was difficult, with Mr Lai having to clear many misconceptions that I had, on top of completing the syllabus on time.

Under Mr Lai’s guidance and encouragement, I started to be confident in the subject and enjoying physics. I obtained an A1 in physics during the recent 2016 O Levels examination.

- Jia Ying, Nan Hua Sec


A Grade In O Level

"He Takes Apart Complicated Concepts And Puts It Back Together In A Way That Helps Everyone Understand The Concept Fully!"

Mr Lai is a very patient teacher that always tries his best to help students understand concepts. He takes apart complicated concepts and puts it back together in a way that helps everyone understand the concept fully.

When a student doesn’t understand the topic, he will try his best during and outside of class time to ensure that the student is not left behind. He also provides a lot of extra help by giving us practices, tips, and ways to memorise things.

Mr Lai also makes himself readily available by answering questions before and after lessons as well as on whatsapp. A dedicated teacher, he always puts his students first, ensuring that they enjoy classes and learn at the same time.

After 4 years of being in his class, I am certain that Mr Lai is a teacher that will try his hardest to ensure that everyone achieves their best. I thoroughly enjoyed classes with him, and I hope that he will continue to help others achieve their best in physics.

- Vicky, ACS


Scored A in almost all tests

"A Very Patient Teacher Who Is Willing To Spend His Time Out Of Classes To Explain To His Students "

Mr Lai, is an effective teacher in conveying concepts to his students. He prepares many useful materials such as animations and demonstrations in order for his students to be able to easily understand certain concepts.

He is also a very patient teacher who is willing to spend his time out of classes to explain to his students whenever they have any problems. I was his first student for 4 years and I always had at least a B grade for physics.

Mr Lai is definitely a good teacher to turn to whether you having difficulties coping with physics or simply just looking to deepen your knowledge about physics.

- Keith, ACS


D7 To A2 In O Level

"He Has A Way Of Teaching That Makes Anything Seem Easy, Even The Toughest Topics!"

I first started physics tuiton when I was Secondary 3. I remember struggling with physics a lot and scoring a D7/C6 in my mid-year examinations. Physics was a very dry and boring subject for me in the beginning.

However, very soon I started becoming more and more interested and curious about it, all thanks to Mr. Lai. Mr. Lai has a way of teaching that makes anything seem easy, even the toughest topics. Lessons with him are always fun and your doubts get cleared immediately.

I had almost lost hope and was even thinking about dropping physicsHowever, with Mr. Lai’s continuous guidance and help I was able to pull through and score an A2 in “O” Levels. 

- Raghavi, Clementi Town

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Award-Winning Tuition Centre Running "ZERO-TO-HERO" O Level Physics Mastery Excellence Programme

Winner Of The Medal Of Honour: Top 100 Trusted Tuition Brands 

My Proven Track Record has led my Tuition Centre to win the 'Medal of Honour" [2017], an indication of a Trusted Tuition Brand who consistently delivers results by turning borderline & failing students into 'A' Scorers & Distinctions for Both O Level & A Level Physics.

***Is Your Child Taking O Level Physics Exam This 2018?

if YES, - pay CLOSE attention to this.

  • IMPORTANT: O Level Physics are highly important core subjects that can have a devastating impact your child's ENTIRE O Level L1R5 score, limiting future study options & even preventing them from going to the JC they want

  • As school progresses, without strong foundations it will be highly challenging to do well in O Level Physics. Exam standards will only go up each year, so without the right study & exam strategies it will be additionally challenging to score 'A1/A2' in the actual O Level exams.

  • [This is especially during the last 3 - 6 months of O level Exams peak season where students find themselves overwhelmed with extra classes, additional Class Tests, homework, etc - yet still having to do equally well in multiple subjects!]

  • So if you want your child to score 'A1/A2' for O Level Physics, while reducing revision time & stress levels, you'll want to hop in onto this programme, which has transformed the results of so many students for years - in just 6-9 months.

  • And when your child scores 'A1/A2' for O Level Physics, you would be sure that the decision to enrol into this programme would be the BEST & MOST important decision made in this year!

Why Must You Enrol NOW?

Because There Isn't Much Time Left - To Exams!

there isn't much time left

Because it is only less than 8 Months To O Level Exams. There really isn't much time left. 

Especially if your child has not been able to follow in class..nor able to achieve good results for Physics yet...it's high time to get tuition for Physics.

shorten learning curve

The Best Tuition Programmes are those that enable students to learn quickly, because only proven study tactics & tried-&-tested exam strategies are used.

This helps students shorten their learning curve & reduce revision time, enabling them to master weaker topics in the shortest possible time

reduced stress levels

This is - while still allowing them ample time to revise others, & ACE their national exams with reduced stress levels.

Read on & discover why our O Level Physics Mastery I-Class Tuition programme is best for ensuring your child's success with O Level Physics.

*What Is The Cost Of NOT Taking Action?

You DO NOT Want This To Happen To Your Child

  • Continue To Struggle With Physics

  • Remain Stuck In The Same Slow, & Ineffective Learning Cycle

  • Still Not Be Able To Do Questions & Score Well In O Levels Exams

  • Find It Highly Stressful Following In Class

  • Be Left Behind While Other Students Improve By Leaps & Bounds

  • Be Demoralized [Or Even Lose Interest In Learning]

  • Feel Overwhelmed During The Actual O Level Exam Season

  • Not Have Enough Time To Catch Up, Revise & Prepare For Exams

  •  Future Academic Options Will Be Severely Limited

  • NOT Be Able To Reach His/Her Full Potential

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How Our "ZERO-TO-HERO" O Level Physics Mastery I-CLASS Works

What Exactly Is It & How Does It Work?

Our O Level "ZERO-TO-HERO" Physics Mastery I-Class is another of our flagship "Score 'A1/A2' grade In 6 - 9 Months" Tuition programme which integrates the 'Human Expert' & 'Virtual Tutor' for a complete mastery journey.

For over 10 years, this programme has produced over 1,000 A1/A2 scorers across 70 schools in Singapore. Each year, our students score far above the National Average Grade

And as our student, your child will get to enjoy the benefits which are listed in the boxes.

Super Tutors

Refers To Our Highly Sought-After Popular Ex-MOE Teachers, P.H.D. Holders, A*STAR Scientist & Top 1% University Tutors.

Mastery Drills

UNLIMITED ACCESS To Our Huge Online Questions Bank of 10,000 Exam Questions & Solutions.

Digital Lessons

Proprietary Topic-Specific Video Lessons By Master Tutor Mr Bryan Lai (Not Videos of Past Lectures)

Exam Strategies

Learn About The Untold Secrets Of GCE O Level Cambridge Exam Marking Scheme.

Concepts Download

Experience DEEP, QUICK Concepts 'Downloads' During Our Weekly Group Tuition Classes.

Virtual Tutor

Get Your Child FROM "ZERO-TO-HERO" With Virtual Tutor "Mr. Brain" In Just 6 - 9 Months.


Learn & Understand 1 Chapter Quickly In 1-2 Lessons.

Free Consultations

1 to 1 Consultations With Our Tutors To Clarify All Doubts, Questions & Misconceptions.

*EXCLUSIVE BONUS: The 'ZERO-TO-HERO' O Level Physics Mastery I-Class Programme Flow

What Happens After You Sign Up

  • You Will Attend Our Weekly Lessons. Our Tutors Will Teach All Concepts, Starting From level ZERO & Build Rock-Solid Foundation [Where 1 Chapter Can Be Learnt In Approximately 1 Lesson!]

  • Via Our IPADS, Your Child Is Hand-Held & tested By Virtual Tutor "Mr. Brain" To Ensure Full understanding before Moving Forward. Gone Were The Days Where No One Knows Who Understood [& Who Doesn't!!]

  • Our Tutors Monitor Every Child's Progress & Performance Closely At Every Juncture & Offer Extra Help & Personal Coaching To Students Who Face Difficulties, At No Add. Cost.

  • Your Child Must Score 'A' In Our End-of-Term Tests To Ensure He/She Is On The Right Track To Scoring 'A' In Actual Exams. Failing To Score "A" Means Add. Coaching & 'Re-Testing' Until 'A' Is Achieved.

Schedules & Fees

'ZERO-TO-HERO' O Level Physics Mastery I-Classes Details

S3 Physics

S4 Physics

Bukit Batok

Sun: 2pm - 4pm


Fri: 730pm - 930pm

Sat: 430pm - 630pm

Bukit Batok

Sun: 9am - 11am



Fri: 530pm - 730pm

Sat: 9am - 11am


9068 8953 // 6897 4059


WEST: 151, Bukit Batok St 11, #03-252, S650151. [Near Bukit Batok MRT]

EAST: 111, Jalan Kembangan, S419149.      [Near Kembangan MRT]

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