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Mastery Books

At the Physics Academy we take pride in providing our students with the best possible resources. Our master tutors have meticulously crafted these books to cater to the different needs of students for various levels and meant to be developmental. The books deepen our students understanding and strengthen their answering skills. 

We have books for all levels (Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary  O Level and A Level) as shown below. Enrol now to get a hold of all the books. 

Top schools / JC students will receive a SPECIAL REVISION PACKAGE to tackle HIGHER ORDER THINKING QUESTIONS.


The contents are STRICTLY reserved for our registered students in the SPA and you need to log in for full access.

Please kindly call us at Tel: 9068 8953 if you are interested to know more about our PhysicsProf Learning System.

JC Physics Mastery Series [A Levels]

Ace Your A level Physics Exams With Our Practice Books. Updated Yearly.

1. Mechanics
2. Thermal Physics
3. Oscillation & Wave Motion
4. Electricity & Magnetism
5. Electricity & Magnetism
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