Our Mission                  And Vision 

Our Mission

To build a multi-branch private school that focuses to inspire and engage students through innovative teaching methodologies.

Our Vision 

To transform lives with equal opportunity in accessing the world-class education content through inspiring, fun and personalized education

Core Values

Our core values include integrity, innovation, passion, teamwork and empowerment.

At The Physics Academy We Want To :

Educate & Empower

Knowledge & Skills

Promote & Inspire

Positive Change

Overcome & Break

Limiting Beliefs

Develop & Discover

Infinite Possibilities

Physics Academy Education Philosophy

Developing & Inspiring Students With Practical Physics Knowledge & Skills

'Physic Tuition Mastery I-Class' Core Values

What Drives Us In Transforming Students From F9 - A1 In A Short Time


We remain curious & enthusiastic with a zest for appreciating the benefits of Physics & Science in our daily lives. 


We are committed to transforming every student from failing grades & borderline passes to 'A/B' grades.


We constantly innovate & refine our teaching methodologies & approaches for holistic student learning.


We teach & instill the right values to students so that they develop discipline to excel in Physics & other subjects. 


We practice honesty & uphold strong ethics in all our endeavours as a tutor, mentor & role model for students.


We are passionate tutors who take pride in transforming students into motivated & successful individuals.

"Education is NOT the Filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

- William Butler Yeats, Ancient Prose Writer

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