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Over 1500 A / O Level / Primary Students To 'A/B' Grades In Physics & Science In 6 - 9 Months

'Life Is Like A Dream, So Let's Make It A Beautiful One!'

Mr. Bryan Lai

'Head Honcho'

Master A / O Level Physics Tutor, Founder

• MSc. In Biomedical Engineering [NTU]

• Over 10 Years of Teaching Experience

• Ex-MOE JC & O Level Physics Tutor & Biology Expert

Born with a curious mind, Bryan enjoys stripping & dismantling computers, robots & electronic circuits down to bolts & nuts. All to find out & make sense of how the internal circuitries work. Growing up, these experiences made him an adept, creative & resourceful problem solver.

This led him to discover a deep interest in Physics during his Secondary 3 - 4 days, he became deeply inspired by his Physics Teacher Mr. Tan Yock Chu. He did especially well in the subject & was often the go-to person in his entire cohort for the subject when teachers were not available. At the same time, he was a highly popular student leader with multiple positions across different CCAs. After his O Levels he moved on to JC.

After his A Levels exams, Bryan started out as a part-time Physics tutor giving 1-to-1 Physics Tuition for O / A Level students to support himself through university. Gradually, upon student referrals, he began to start running small group tuition classes during this admin time. 

After university, he became a Physics & Biology lecturer at Jurong Junior College. It was there that he found his calling in teaching: empowering individuals in becoming better people & contributors of society.He believes that how well a student does is a reflection of the teacher: Being a Subject Specialist alone is not enough to be a good teacher. He/She must also know how to do so in a manner that effectively gets to students & make them understand. After 7 years, he left to focus fully on teaching Physics & empowering students.

He founded the XMEducation Group & Physics Academy, which would empower all students to achieve mastery in Physics & Science, in the shortest time & do well for exams. Inspired by Modern Blended Learning Technology from the U.S. he developed his own unique 'Inverted Classroom' teaching methodology, pioneered the 'Physics Bible' & authored over 20 practice books. His efforts received high acclaim in helping 2,000 students quickly master O Level & JC Physics, reducing revision time by 50%. To date, Bryan continues to refine his teaching methodologies, in staying relevant to the Singapore Education standards.

During his free time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his family, watching Hong Kong drama shows or chilling out over a nice chat over coffee with friends. He is also an avid reader on Science & current affairs.

100% Passing Rate with 75% A Level Physics Students Achieving Distinctions

'Knowing the 'HOW is NOT Good Enough. You Must Know Your 'WHY''!

Mr. Baraath Ram

'Passionate Physicist Ram'

JC Physics Tutor, A Level Physics [H1 / H2 / H3]


• BSc. In Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore [NUS]

• More Than 10 years Teaching Experience

• Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, A*STAR

• Advanced Certificate In Training & Development [ACTA]


A 'Jack of All Trades' but 'Master of All', Baraath Ram excels in all areas of his life from studies to almost anything he sets his mind out to do, but teaching is especially where he really shines. In his years of professional teaching career, he has achieved an impressive stellar record & teaching highlight of 100% passes with 75% of his A Level Physics Tuition Class [2015] achieving 18 achieving Distinctions.

His past students, some of whom are now working professionals, hail from all walks of life, including the highly sough-after Gifted Education Programme & students taking A Level H3 Physics.

He attributes his success to his core ability to combine vision, creativity & high acumen to educate, validate & inspire students for success. In addition, his combination of different pedagogies relatable with real-life situations, experiences, case studies. his own authored books & proven Exam - Conquering strategies, Baraath's approach to mastering A level Physics has won many students' acclaim & appraise. His students look forward to attending his lessons, where he brings across Physics & Sciences in a highly vivid & compelling manner, through his arsenal of clear explanations & succinct answers. More than 97% of his students have given him an astounding 4.8 / 5.0 Tutor Evaluation Rating.

To further value-add to his students & facilitate learning, he has authored another guide book on Physics notes, mind-maps with Basic to Advanced Level Physics Exam questions, in hope further reducing their learning curve & revision time.

Aligned with his mission in learning for life, he has earned his Advanced Certificate in Training & Development (ACTA), & is currently on his way into earning a specialised, professional engineering certification, a highly prestigious engineering award many others can only dream of.

In his me-time,  he loves indulging in a delicious sense of adventure, travelling & exploring unknown places. In addition, he enjoys immersing himself in the wonderful world of Digital Information Technology, making sense of & explaining how the internal circuitries work...

Over 1,000 Secondary & JC Chemistry Students: 8 Out of 10 Scored 'A' Grades

'There Is No Ceiling In Learning. You Are The Ceiling.'!

Dr. Aw Jun Xin

'Awesome Scientist'

JC Chemistry Tutor, A Level Chemistry [ H1 / H2 /H3 ], O level Chemistry Tuition Specialist

• P.H.D. In Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University [NTU]

• Top 1% Tutors, Education Award [NTU]

• A*STAR Overseas Graduate Scholarship Recipient, Oxford University

• National Science Award, Royal Chemical Society of UK

• Pioneered 3 Patents For Neurological Disorder Diseases & Antibiotic Research, 

• 4 Publications: Cancer Antibiotics & Neurological Diseases

• Master Chemistry Tutor & Chairman of Chemistry Academy

Local homegrown Chemistry Tutor Dr. Aw Jun Xin discovered his innate penchant for teaching Chemistry & Science during his university days as a University Tutor & Research Fellow. He has come a long way from humble beginnings & working his way. This has enabled him to understand various challenges & learning difficulties.

To help students accelerate learning, Dr. Aw’s Chemistry Tuition Classes follows a well-thought-out, systematic approach that emphasizes on building a strong foundation for maximum results. This approach combines real-life stories to pique students’ interest & Mastery Drill Practices in applying Chemistry Concepts, thus preparing students to score well in actual O Level Chemistry exams.

The result is not just good improvement in students’ Chemistry exam results [F9 to A1/A2 in 6 to 9 months], but also confident students who love themselves more & dare to dream big. In addition to Chemistry Tuition, Dr. Aw teaches students on the importance of continuous learning & encourages students to challenge their limiting beliefs & take full responsibility in creating their desired outcomes.

During his free time, Dr. Aw loves to unwind by working out often & reading up on Chemistry & Self-Developments, autobiographies of successful people such as Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Richard Branson etc. Recently, for recreation, he has recently taken up Electrical Uni-cycling as a new sport.

Empowering Students With Equal Opportunity Since 2007

'Once The Right Areas Are Taken Care Of, Success Takes Care Of Itself.'

Mr. Chee Wai Lun

'Calculus Warrior'

O Level Chemistry Tutor & Primary Math Education Specialist, Co-Founder


• BSc. In Chemical Engineering [NTU]

• Over 10 Years of Teaching Experience


With keen interest in Math, Chemistry & investigating how things work at a young age, it is little wonder that Mr. Chee did especially well in these [& other related] subjects in his academic years. After graduating from university, he moved into Project Management, growing his previous workplace to a Public-Listed company  before discovering his true passion in teaching.

An adept Math & Chemistry Tutor, Mr. Chee emphasizes on building strong foundations by learning & applying critical knowledge & concepts in a sequential, logical fashion. Under his tutelage, students are trained to efficiently link topics & apply knowledge to answer questions effectively, enabling them to score an easy ‘A/B’ grade in exams, from borderline passes & failing grades.

All thanks to his proven teaching methodology which equips students with intangible skills that invokes creativity & resourcefulness in answering questions. Over time, students have experienced huge breakthroughs in Math, Chemistry & are able to complete their homework & ace their exams without much effort.

Beyond books & exams, Mr. Chee believes true education lies in Personal Growth & Transformation. He has since set his sights on transforming lives with equal opportunity, with the ultimate goal of developing students into responsible citizens who can contribute effectively to society.

During his free time, Mr. Chee enjoys sports & exercise. To ensure peak performance in all that he does, he makes it a point to keep himself in good shape, often working out at the gym or participating in marathons. He also enjoys music, an occasional movie & improving things to the next level.

Transformed Over 700 Secondary School Students To 'A1 / A2' In 6 - 9 Months

'Be The Change You Wish To See.'

transparent - mr.wilson
Mr. Wilson Ong

'Multi-Talented Science Disciplinarian'

Science & Math Tutor & Education Specialists


• BSc. [1st-Class Honours] In Chemistry & Biological Chemistry [NTU]

• Over 7 Years of Teaching Experience

• 3 Patents On Neurological Disorder & Antibiotic Researches

• 4 Publications On Cancer Antibiotics & Neurological Diseases 2010 / 1 1 / 14/ 2016


A Science expert for both Primary & Secondary School Levels, Wilson's extensive knowledge spans across various areas in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. His strong multi-disciplinary background in Scientific Research works has led him to clinch the title of Regional Winner of Global Prestigious Undergraduates Awards Programme [2017] for 3 Patents & 4 Publications.

While excelling academically, Wilson gradually started to develop strong passion for teaching after being inspired by his University Tutor & Life Mentor, Dr. Aw Jun Xin. Using a unique teaching model that combines Story-based Teaching with Hands-On Experimentation, Wilson brings dry topics to life, delivering key concepts across to students in a light-hearted, intriguing manner that stimulates their thinking. He believes the best way for students to learn quickly is for them to absorb & internalise information in their own natural way.

Only after getting to know his students' level of understanding, does he step in to clarify & correct any doubts & misconceptions. This ensures students are guided through systematic learning that emphasises on in-depth understanding & practical use of content rather than memorising & basic-level applications. This way, students can also quickly apply knowledge in a nimble manner & achieve an easy 'A/B' grade in exams.

All thanks to a strong foundation, his students have excelled from failing grades & borderline passes to achieving an astounding 'A' in Primary & Secondary School Science & Math in Just 3 - 6 Months.

All because his novel teaching methodologies & versatile approach ground students with strong foundation in various Science disciplines, with all the resources they need, as they progress beyond. His memorable lessons have also served as a fond remembrance for many students who have since moved on to pursue further academic excellence. 

In his free time, Wilson enjoys his favourite - cycling, along with his weekly indulgence in a good book & light music, over a nice dose of coffee.

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