PhysicsProf Learning System

PhysicsProf Learning System

A Revolutionary O Level & A Level Physics Adaptive Learning System


To do well in O Level & JC Physics, students are learning Physics & Science well & are equipped with the right knowledge & skills for tests & exams, students need to know that they are learning & progressing well.


At Physics Academy, we take extra steps to ensure that students learn well, are attentive & understand what we teach in our Physics Tuition classes. As part of our lesson delivery, to complement traditional classroom learning, we monitor & track each & every student's learning progress.




By our very experienced tutors who are Physics Book Author, Physics Olympiad Trainer, Master Physics Ex-MOE Teacher, and very experienced full-time Physics tutors. In other words, you are coached by the best Physics tutors in Singapore.

RESOURCEFUL Digital Learning Platform

Digital Lessons

Powered by Our Digital Learning Platform. You will be able to speed up your learning via digital lessons, or revisit previous concepts for revisions as you can access them anytime, anywhere. Many of our ex-students have mentioned that the Physics digital lessons are very effective in helping them scoring A grade in their A Levels.

24/7 PERSONALISED Progress Tracking


Via our learning platform. From year 2020, each lesson will end with an online Physics quiz of about 3 to 5 MCQ questions and the results will be captured. This allow our Physics tutors to know if you are progressing in the right direction. You may access your progress through our learning platform anytime, anywhere


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Students who scored A grade OR achieve rapid grade improvement will be rewarded with various prizes such as Ipad, power bank, KOI bubble tea, Starbuck vouchers, cinema tickets, etc. These rewards aim to motivate our students to work harder and score better results.

How Can PhysicsProf Learning System Help You?

We have created 4 Physics Learning Plans to cater for the diverse needs of our students.

Table below summarises the features of the learning plans.

4 Physics Learning Plan (Term 2)_1

Sample Digital Lessons

Linear Momentum

Distance VS Displacement

2017 H2 A Level P2 Q1 (Medium)

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