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Praises From Our Students


U To A In 9 Months (Attended Mastery IClass), Liying, NJC:

"Unlimited Resources Such As Numerous MCQ Practices, Design Experiment Templates, Physics Bible & Detailed Past Year A Level Answers!"

It was totally unexpected. As you know, I am very weak in physics.I want to thank you for your continuous support in the past one year, from being my home tutor at first and later my tutor at your tuition centre.

I think you are really passionate about your teaching job. You would always check on the progress of your students, giving us the motivation to improve and achieve greater. Whenever I have burning questions, you would always reply promptly to my doubts on WhatsApp.

I still recall that you replied to my questions just hours before my physics A level paper and even created an explanation video, Thank you for your effort. Also, I want to thank you for providing me with unlimited resources, such as the numerous MCQ practices, design experiment templates, explanation-based documents and detailed past year A Level answers.Those resources have certainly helped me a lot along the way in terms of clarifying my misconceptions.

Lastly I want to thank you for accommodating to our needs by scheduling lessons just days before our A Level Exams. Those lessons have helped me in my last minute revisions and also provided me with the opportunity to clarify my queries.


The Powerpoint Slides Coupled With Revision Notes Help Visual Learners Understand The Subject Better, Nicholas, YJC: 

"The Revision Practices And Tests Get More Challenging So That We Are Prepared For Examinations!"


The lessons are organised and made in such a way that it is easy for us to understand. The notes given are summarised with all the important points in the topics such that it is not wordy and convenient for us to read thru and revise it. The revision practices and tests get progressively more challenging so that we are prepared for class tests and examinations.

The use of the powerpoint slides coupled with our revision notes help visual learners understand the subject much better. Last but not least, Mr Aw is a very patient teacher and never fails to motivate his students, two very important traits a student looks for in a teacher.


U To A Grade In 6 Months, 

Megha, SAJC: 

"When I Didn’t Believe In Myself, He Did. When I Didn’t Think I Could Improve, He Made Sure I Believed I Could!"

Mr Aw was one of the best or perhaps the best tutors I have ever had in my academic life. Not only was he patient with his teaching methods, he incorporated very innovative, study friendly methods to effectively drill me with the crucial chemistry concepts.

He always went that extra mile to create mindmaps, combine notes from all different schools and personalize them to fit the student’s learning style and even spare that extra 30 mins or one hour in order to ensure that the lesson reached its completion. Apart from the academic aspect, he was one of the most inspiring and encouraging tutors I have ever had.

When I didn’t believe in myself, he did. When I didn’t think I could improve, he made sure I believed I could. He was really the sort of teacher that didn’t just make sure you completed assignments on time but also instilled within me the motivation to excel.

Moreover, he was always there no matter what time, to help me in clarifying my doubts be it lesson time or via text. He was truly devoted to teaching chemistry. I am so glad that I was blessed with a tutor like Mr Aw.

kranji sec

During Lesson, He Would Go Through Topics That I Am Weak At And Find Ways To Help Me Grasp The Concept, 

Issac, Kranji Sec:

"He Uses Interactive Ways To Teach By Giving Examples And Using Videos To Help Me Get A Clearer Picture!"

For the past few years, Mr Aw has taught me for the subjects physics, Maths and chemistry. I have improved greatly for all my subjects as he makes sure I understand the topics fully, he also makes the topic easy to understand by making his own concise notes.

I have improved from his lessons as I was struggling with physics and mathematics during lower Sec. After 2-3 years of his guidance I was able to get A1 for both my mathematics and combined science (phy,chem). During lesson, he would go through topics that I am weak at and find ways to help me grasp the concept, he uses interactive ways to teach by giving examples and using videos to help me get a clearer picture.

He helped me in math by teaching me how to make my own notes which is specifically so I could understand it. He prepares test papers to check if I fully understood the concept. He is friendly and encouraging which motivates me to study. He also explains things in detail so as to make the topic understandable and managable.

He makes lessons interesting and genuinely cares for his students. Outside lessons, I can approach him with any queries or doubts I have with my work and he would advice me accordingly.

st nicholas girl

E8 To A1 In O Level, Chloe, St. Nicholas Girls:

"His Lessons Played A Huge Part In Me Being Able To Pass My Retest"

In Secondary 3, I failed my Physics end of year exam, which led to me joining physics tuition. Following that, Mr. Lai managed to efficiently and interestingly reteach me topics I was weak at and corrected many of my misconceptions over the December Holidays.

His lessons played a huge part in me being able to pass my retest the following year. I then decided to continue physics tuition as I saw its impact on my core understanding of physics. Mr. Lai’s lessons have helped me to solidy my foundation in physics and develop an interest in the subject.

These, along with Mr. Lai’s dedication and experience helped me to obtain an A1 for physics in the recent O Level examinations. It was only through his lesson and help that I managed to progress from an E8 to an A1.


U To A Grade In A Level, Eunice Ho, NJC: 

I tried to study physics for a year before realising that I could not handle by myself. With a few months left to A Levels, I joined Mr Lai’s crash course then subsequently joined his weekly classes. Mr Lai helped me to understand the concepts and answering techniques better and I learnt to answer in an accurate and concise manner.

I gained confidence in the subject and progressed faster as with better understanding my studying became more effective. Through Mr Lai’s sessions I was exposed to how the relevant concepts can be applied to other situations and i gained more interest and enjoyed studying physics.

I’m really thankful for an enjoyable learning experience and I progressed from U in June 2015 to A in A Levels.


C5 To A1 In O Level, Isabel Joy Kua, TKGS:

"Classes With Him Was Always Extremely Fun And Enjoyable As Well As Extremely Enriching!"

Since Secondary Three my Chemistry was never too good. I failed Chemistry twice in Sec Three(2015) and got C5 for the other two exams. Last year(2016), I decided to join two of my other friends for Mr Aw’s group Chemistry tuition after getting a C5 for my CA1.

Joining this tuition was a wonderful decision as classes with Mr Aw was always extremely fun and enjoyable as well as extremely enriching. I always left class with more understanding of the Chemistry concepts and answers to my questions. Soon enough, my chemistry grades improved to a B4 for Mid Years, a B3 for Prelims and then an A1 for O Levels.

Mr Aw is a very patient tutor, never failing to answer our countless questions as well as encourage us when we didn’t do well for tests. His positive spirit motivates us to pick ourselves up after each failure and to go forward toward success. I would definitely recommend Mr Aw as a chemistry tutor!

boon shuan

Not Only Wishes The Best For His Students, But Takes The More Than Required Action In Effort To Help Students Achieve Their Desired Grades , Boon Shuan, YJC:

"Well-Equipped With The Strong Analytical-Thinking Skill Set That The Subject Demands!"

Mr Aw truly epitomises the virtue of selflessness – he is always willing to to rearrange tuition sessions to accommodate his students schedule, despite his own busy schedule, and puts his students as his first priority.

He is a dedicated and passionate teacher who not only wishes the best for his students, but takes the more than required action in effort to help students achieve their desired grades – he himself possesses the professional knowledge in chemistry and is well-equipped with the strong analytical-thinking skill set that the subject demands, and is hence well-qualified to teach the subject.

He goes the extra mile; taking the liberty to mentor and advice his students on essential matters outside academics. His faith in his students potential is unwavering and believes that each student can succeed – in studies and in life.


 "His Passion For The Subject Really Shines Through His Teaching And He Always Puts His Students First!"

Mr Aw is one of the best tutors I’ve ever had. His lessons were always very engaging allowing me to appreciate and take interest in a subject I would never have thought to find interesting.

He always supplied us with personalised quizzes according to our current ability and increased the difficulty each time we proved we were capable of handling more complex questions. Mr Aw was always searching for different methods to help each of his students grasp and retain chemistry concepts better.

His passion for the subject really shines through his teaching and he always puts his students first. Mr Aw is really a wonderful teacher and a talented individual, I’m extremely blessed to have had him as a chemistry tutor and a friend.

kai xuan

U To A In 6 Months (Attended Mastery IClass), Lee Kai Xuan, ACS:"Notes & Worksheets Are Very Detailed, Students Can Focus To Absorb Knowledge During Lesson!"

Mr. Lai emphasizes the concept of each physics topic repetitively each week. He gave us an array of practices with different types of questions on the same concept, and thus, we are also tested on our ability to apply the concept onto different questions.

Mr Lai is a very patient tutor who encourages and supports every single student by providing help even it is after tuition time. His notes and worksheets are very detailed, hence students can focus on absorbing knowledge during lesson time instead of copying down notes.

From a student whose results improved drastically from a U grade to A grade in A Levels, it would have been unachieveable without Mr. Lai.


Under The Intensive Care And Continuous Encouragement Of Mr Lai, I Started To Improve Tremendously, Ada Jiang, IJC: "He Also Provides Many Intriguing Questions With Interesting Methods To Solve Them, Making Me Think More Critically!"

After continuously getting U for H2 Physics, I felt the need to engage in Physics tuition. Having joined House of Knowledge’s Physics tuition only in my second year of JC, my foundation was weak, and I required a lot of help with limited time left.

When I first started, he provided me with his own online lecture videos, which helped me in the topics I was weaker in. He cleared all my doubts even outside of lesson time, and ensures that my questions are answered thoroughly, with understanding.

Under the intensive care and continuous encouragement of Mr Lai, I started to improve tremendously. Also, he provides many intriguing questions with interesting methods to solve them, making me think more critically.

His guidance and patience has allowed me to find interest in Physics, which led me to eventually score an A at ‘A’ Level. Thank you Mr Lai!

hui ping

U To A Grade In 6 Months, Hui Ping, YJC:                                        "He Is Confident With His Knowledge And Able To Digest The Information Well For Students To Understand!"

The lessons are really productive. The pace is really good and he changes the lesson plan to fit the needs of the students. He cares about the student’s welfare alot and is always there whenever the students are in doubts.

He is confident with his knowledge and is able to digest the information well for students to understand and remember. A really dedicated teacher who never fails to encourage and motivate his students. 


An Effective Teacher In Conveying Concepts To His Students, Keith, ACS:"A Very Patient Teacher Who Is Willing To Spend His Time Out Of Classes To Explain To His Students Whenever They Have Problems!"

Mr Lai, is an effective teacher in conveying concepts to his students. He prepares many useful materials such as animations and demonstrations in order for his students to be able to easily understand certain concepts.

He is also a very patient teacher who is willing to spend his time out of classes to explain to his students whenever they have any problems. I was his first student for 4 years and I always had at least a B grade for physics.

Mr Lai is definitely a good teacher to turn to whether you having difficulties coping with physics or simply just looking to deepen your knowledge about physics.


A Grade In O Level, Vicky, ACS:      "He Takes Apart Complicated Concepts And Puts It Back Together In A Way That Helps Everyone Understand The Concept Fully!"

Mr Lai is a very patient teacher that always tries his best to help students understand concepts. He takes apart complicated concepts and puts it back together in a way that helps everyone understand the concept fully.

When a student doesn’t understand the topic, he will try his best during and outside of class time to ensure that the student is not left behind. He also provides a lot of extra help by giving us practices, tips, and ways to memorise things.

Mr Lai also makes himself readily available by answering questions before and after lessons as well as on whatsapp. A dedicated teacher, he always puts his students first, ensuring that they enjoy classes and learn at the same time.

After 4 years of being in his class, I am certain that Mr Lai is a teacher that will try his hardest to ensure that everyone achieves their best. I thoroughly enjoyed classes with him, and I hope that he will continue to help others achieve their best in physics.


His Revision Exercises And Notes Are Top-Notch Quality,       Jeremy, YJC:                                 "He Will Keep The Lessons Interesting With Occasional Surprise Snacks And Gifts!"

Mr Aw has been a great teacher with the ability to make you understand incomprehensible things. But he’s best trait is his limitless patience and genuine care for his students.

His lessons are structured in a lecture and tutorial lesson. Albeit with condensed teachings ensure that the students are on track. Another great thing about Mr Aw is that he will not stop until his students understand!

Don’t worry if you’re hungry or be afraid of being bored because Mr Aw will keep the lessons interesting with occasional surprise snacks and gifts! His revision exercises and notes are top-notch quality. With all the important learning points summarized into one set of notes to facilitate learning.


A Grade In O Level, Sally, TKGS:    "Provides Us With Useful Resources Such As Concise Notes, Laminated Periodic Table With Equations And Other Contents!"

Mr Aw is a very dedicated teacher who is concerned about his students’ progress and adopts an effective learning system during his lessons. This includes being technologically savvy, using a monitor which facilitates our learning as we students are able to see the content on the screen easily as opposed to using a whiteboard, which may be time consuming.

His lessons are interesting and engaging as he tries his best to simplify chemistry concepts that are difficult to understand for better understanding and show us videos helpful to our learning when necessary such as videos on crystallization so as to let us visualize and understand the process and steps to take instead of just blindly memorizing from textbooks, where the content takes a longer time to sink into our heads.

Mr Aw also provides us with useful resources such as concised notes and a laminated periodic table with equations and other content compiled on a single page which allows us to refer to them and study more efficiently especially when exams are near.

Apart from adopting a positive attitude and encouraging us to never give up, the regular practices of worksheets and provision of challenging questions from other school’s papers also enabled me to maintain a consistent grade of A1 throughout my secondary 4 year.

He is also one of the most patient teachers I’ve ever had and encourages us to ask questions whenever in doubt even through platforms such as Whatsapp, and strives to reply us as quickly as possible with detailed explanations.

I definitely owe my great improvement in Chemistry to Mr Aw as he was the teacher who spurred my interest in Chemistry and made me enjoy learning the subject.


D7 To A1 In O Level, Cassa, NJC:    "Not Only Does He Teach Me Physics, But He Also Educated Me With Life Lessons Along The Way And I’m Very Thankful For That!"

Mr. Lai is a very dedicated tutor. He do not hesitate to provide you with all the materials that is available. He teaches you what’s beyond the school notes for deeper understanding. Despite him being a very busy person, he will even sacrifice his meal times sometimes to answer your urgent queries.

He does not give pressure to his students but instead motivate them to do their best. Not only does he teach me physics but he educates me with life lessons along the way and I’m very thankful for that.

Thank you Mr. Lai, for your whole hearted dedication since I was in secondary 3 with you, be it in class tuition or a 1-1 tuition. Thanks to Mr Lai that I have managed to scored a D7 to A1 in O Level and subsequently all A in Physics for school tests and A Level.


He Uses Simple Terms To Explain Difficult Concepts, Allowing Understanding To Be Fast And Easy, Cheryl Law, NJC:                   "I Have Not Only Learnt Physics, But Also Effective Studying Methods That Can Be Applied To Other Subjects As Well!"

Mr Lai’s Physics lessons are really enriching, with more than enough scope and depth to help in any physics questions that are posed. Most importantly, he helps to lay a very solid foundation in physics, allowing full-fledged understanding of the topics taught, and also faster and better understanding of subsequent topics.

He uses simple terms to explain difficult concepts, allowing understanding to be fast and easy. The range of questions covered by Mr Lai is unbelievably wide, crucial for exposure to questions that are unique, which is similar to the style of the ‘A’ levels.

Under Mr Lai, I have not only learnt physics, but also effective studying methods that can be applied to other subjects as well. He has been very helpful and I am very very grateful towards him (: Thanks to Mr Lai that I have managed to get an A for my A Level.


C5 To A2 In O Level, Sanjevi, SJI:    "He Focuses On Every Single Person’s Strengths And Weaknesses, And This Has Undoubtedly Helped Every Student In His Class!"

Before I had Physics tuition, my grades were constantly very low. The best grade I got in sec 3 was a C5. I knew that I needed help, so I joined Mr Lai’s class for tuition. He is a very good teacher, and understands his students’ problems.

He is an expert in Physics, and he helped me a lot when I came to him. He gave me a lot of practices to do, and helped me improve my scores. Over the past 2 years, he has trained me a lot for my O-levels.

Mr Lai focuses on every single person’s strengths and weaknesses, and this has undoubtedly helped every student in his class. Because of him, I got A2 for my O-level Physics and I got into RI. In short, my time in his tuition centre has been a success.


Allowed Me To Understand The Physics Concept Better Instead Of Merely Being An Abstract Idea, Jia Ying, Nan Hua Sec:               "The Journey Was Difficult, With Mr Lai Having To Clear Many Misconceptions That I Had, On Top Of Completing The Syllabus On Time!"

In my secondary 3 mid-terms examination, I didn’t fare very well for my physics despite putting in a lot of effort into it. From then on, I decided that physics just “wasn’t my subject” and disliked it.

My aunt recommended going to Mr Lai’s tuition and reluctantly, I signed up with Mr Lai for physics tuition.Mr Lai was able to evoke my interest and curiosity in the subject by linking it to the real-world. This allowed me to understand the physics concept better instead of merely being an abstract idea.

After getting me interested in the subject, he started to revise certain topics that I was weak in with me. The journey was difficult, with Mr Lai having to clear many misconceptions that I had, on top of completing the syllabus on time.

Under Mr Lai’s guidance and encouragement, I started to be confident in the subject and enjoying physics. I obtained an A1 in physics during the recent 2016 O Levels examination.

tanjong katong sec

F9 To A1 Within 6 Months,    Haiqal, TKSS:                     "Travelled Almost 2 Hours From Tampines To Bukit Batok,  Just To Attend Mr. Lai's Class!"

Mr Lai! OMG I am so grateful to you. I scored A1, and you know it only take less than 6 months and that’s the only A1 I got. Your teaching is really awesome.   I cannot express how gratitude I am towards you as you know I was F9 back few months.

You know, I stay at Tampines and I think the effort to travel 1 hour plus to your centre at Bkt Batok was really fruitful. The questions you gave almost covers all the possibilities in the exam! I could absorb all the things you taught me in one 2-hour class, whereas I don’t really understand what my school teacher taught me even after 1 year and that’s why I kept failing.

The Physics Brain was damn fun!! It’s like playing games, without knowing that I was learning….haha!  Again thank you Mr Lai for your dedication, care and concern throughout my O Level last year!! ^^


Hated Physics Before Joining Mr Lai's Classes, But Jumped From U To A In 3 Months In JC1, Finally Scored A In Recent 2016 A Level (Attended Mastery iClass), Melody, CJC:

"Constantly WhatsApp Him Questions, & He Always Answered Quickly & Readily!"

Mr Lai is a dedicated and passionate teacher who has not only guided me to an A in just 3 months in J1 from a U, but has also allowed me to discover my passion for physics, which was the very subject I hated before joining his classes.

He has a large resource library that allowed us to have endless practices to hone our skills and his self recorded video lessons helped immensely in both catching up on missed chapters and refreshing our memory closer to the exams.

Although I constantly whatsapped him questions I wasn’t sure about or concepts I needed help with, he always answered quickly and readily. With the help of his patience, I managed to attain an A for my A’Levels. Thank you Mr Lai, am so lucky to have discovered SPA amongst the many centers in SG!


Had Struggled With Physics, Managed To Get An A For My A Level, Brian Tan, NJC:                 "His Lessons Had Also Pique My Interest In Physics, Making It Enjoyable To Attend Lessons And Learn New Topics!"

In my first year of JC, I had initially struggled with physics, finding it difficult to understand concepts and answer questions. However, Mr Lai had taught me in a clear and concise manner, and it is undeniable that he is an experienced teacher.

Just after a few lessons, I had a better understanding of the subject and his lessons had also pique my interest in physics, making it enjoyable to attend lessons and learn new topics.

Aside from his explanations, Mr Lai had also provided a range of useful materials such as notes and questions which definitely helped me to prepare for my examinations. I found Mr Lai’s tuition to be very beneficial. Thanks to Mr Lai that I have managed to get an A for my A Level.


D7 To A2 In O Level,            Raghavi, Clementi Town:                "He Has A Way Of Teaching That Makes Anything Seem Easy, Even The Toughest Topics!"

I first started physics tuiton when I was Secondary 3. I remember struggling with physics a lot and scoring a D7/C6 in my mid-year examinations. Physics was a very dry and boring subject for me in the beginning.

However, very soon I started becoming more and more interested and curious about it, all thanks to Mr. Lai. Mr. Lai has a way of teaching that makes anything seem easy, even the toughest topics. Lessons with him are always fun and your doubts get cleared immediately.

I remember that I was very weak in my basic understanding and hence I couldn’t grasp the new concepts very well. I had almost lost hope and was even thinking about dropping physics.

However, with Mr. Lai’s continuous guidance and help I was able to pull through and score an A2 in “O” Levels. His patience and persistence while teaching made me motivated to work hard and not give up.

Darshini Jayaraj

A Grade In A Level,             Darshini Jayaraj, AJC:              "Able To Bring Across New Concepts Effectively And He Displayed Many Fine And Professional Qualities!"

Upon spending the year 2014 observing, assisting and teaching in his physics class, Mr. Ram's warm personality and rapport with his students are excellent. His knowledge of the subject is one that cannot be contested.

His willingness to take suggestions, modify lessons and experiment with new strategies demonstrated his motivation and reflection about teaching and learning. He is able to bring across new concepts effectively and he displayed many fine and professional qualities that are not only normally attributed to outstanding teachers but to distinguished individuals as well. Because of his enthusiasm for the subject, students respond positively in his lessons. 


Gives Us Extra Information Which Would Come In Handy In Examinations, Mohd Ashiq, AJC:    "Even After Explaining A Multiple Times I Would Still Not Understand, He Would Be Patient And Explain Again!"

Mr. Ram taught me is Saadhana a tuition program organized by the Indian Cultural Society of National University of Singapore. To say that Mr. Ram is a teacher is an under-statement.

He is a very approachable and a friendly teacher. I never had any hesitation before asking him any doubts and he would take his time out of his busy schedule to clarify our doubts. Sometimes even after explaining a multiple times i would still not understand, however he would be patient and explain again.

MR. Ram has impeccable physics knowledge. He is clearly well knowledge and he is able to transfer over the knowledge over to us seamlessly. He not only teaches us what is in the syllabus, he also gives us extra information which would come in handy in examinations.

He is one of the main reasons why I am doing very well in modern physics. Overall he has all the qualities to be an excellent teacher!


Scored A “7” For The Physics HL IBDP, Jishnu, GIIS:                            "His Famous Phrase Goes Like This: I Expect You To Get At Least A Grade 7 In Your Exam, No Less!"

I was a weak student and was desperately looking for a tutor to teach me IB Physics so that I can secure a good grade in the Physics IB examinations. My parents were avidly looking for an IB physics tutor when we were recommended, Mr Ram. IB tutors are just very hard to find and we are just thankful that we found him.

He is a very passionate teacher and he wants to pass on as much knowledge as he can to me. He challenges me to think at a higher level in each lesson. He demands more than the ability to comprehend and regurgitate the fundamentals. Sometimes, he would scold me for just plain memorizing without understanding. Of course, it is for my own good. It has helped me to think critically and creatively.

Mr Ram’s standards and expectations are very high. His famous phrase goes like this, “I expect you to get at least a grade 7 in your exam, no less”. He believes in teaching everything by challenging and trying to prove the concept wrong so that I can understand it to the best without leaving any stone unturned. I have now scored a “7” for the Physics HL IBDP, and I must attribute this success to him. Thank you Sir.


My GPA Improved From 3.2 To 4.0, Aishwarya, RGS:                                  "Another Thing I Like About The Tuition Class Is That Each Individual Student Gets Specialized Attention!"

Before I came to Mr Lai's tuition, physics was one of the subjects I disliked the most and I was preparing to drop physics. This was simply because I blindly memorised concepts without actually knowing how to apply them. After coming for tuition, I was better able to appreciate Physics as a discipline in science.

I was also able to better appreciate the theories and concepts. Most importantly, I developed a genuine interest in Physics and I was excited to learn and explore more. This interest spurred me on to work harder and excel in school assessments. My GPA improved from 3.2 to 4.0!

Another thing I like about the tuition class is that each individual student gets specialized attention. Mr. Lai is ready and willing to go the extra mile to help every student to do their level best in assessments be it providing structured practices for students who have the potential to do better or challenging students who already have a good grasp of the topics.

kah ho weng

U To B Grade In 9 Months (Attended Crash Course), Kah Ho Weng, NJC:                                 "With His  ‘Challenging Physics Book’ And The Horrific TYS, My Results Improved Tremendously Within A Short Time!"

Many would say it is impossible to attain a B within a year in J2 if you have been constantly getting U grade, but I managed to do so with the help of Mr. Lai. He knew that I needed a lot more help than other students as I had Year 1 syllabus to catch up on.

But Mr. Lai had faith in me and constantly motivated and guided me throughout the journey. It was tough initially, but with his constant nagging to complete the ‘Challenging Physics Book’, his worked examples and the horrific TYS, my results improved tremendously within a short time.

Mr. Lai, being really experienced with how Cambridge marking scheme is, pointed out the KEY WORDS that are needed in our answers, exposed me to all sorts of questions, and taught me methods (A.K.A shortcuts) in solving complexed physics questions.

Mr. Lai made physics look easy, and he made me love practicing physics. Personally, attaining a B for H2 Physics is enough and it would not have happened without the help of Mr. Lai. Thank you Mr. Lai for the faith you had in me, I am very grateful that I did not let our effort and time go to waste!


My Physics Grades Slowly Improved And Eventually I Did Well, Megan Tan, HCI:      "Provided Extensive Notes For Us To Understand The Concepts Better!"

When I first started in JC, physics was a very intimidating subject to me as the lectures were fast paced and I could not understand the concepts well. I did poorly for exams in J1, and thus decided to join Mr Lai’s tuition.

Mr Lai was patient, encouraging and willing to answer any doubts, and provided extensive notes for us to understand the concepts better.

The video lessons and interactive style learning approach he took enhanced my understanding and my physics grades slowly improved and eventually I did well!


E To B Grade In A Level,                 Li Wen, PJC:                               "With Constant Practice And Hard Work, Like What Mr Lai Told Us, Everyone Can Rise From Ground To Something Great!"

Ever since secondary school, physics has always been the bane of my existence. I just couldn’t grasp the content of it, not to mention answer the questions. However, ever since I came under Mr Lai’s guidance, physics was made clearer to me, and I could finally get what was going on even at the JC level.

Thanks to his teaching, I got a B for my promos (I used to fail terribly). People always says Physics is difficult and I agree with it, but with constant practice and hard work, like what Mr Lai always enforces upon us, everyone can rise from ground to zero to something great.

Mr Lai is certainly a remarkable teacher who not only teaches us physics, but life lessons as well.

Shameer Ahamed

Encourages Critical And Creative Thinking In Students,    M.Shameer Ahamed, MJC:          "He Gives Advices That Are Unique And Helps To Boost The Student’s Confidence In Daily Work And During Examinations!"

Mr Ram is a passionate teacher and he wants to pass on as much knowledge as he can to his students. He challenges his students to think at a higher level in every lesson. He demands more than the ability to comprehend and regurgitate the basics.

This encourages critical and creative thinking in students. He is also patient and understanding as he listens to the students arguments and painstakingly elucidates specifically how students should tweak their phrasing and how and when they should apply certain concepts.

Mr Ram is also an inspirational teacher as he shares his past experiences about himself and his students so that they can learn from it. He gives advices that are unique and helps to boost the student’s confidence in daily work and during examinations.

Mr Ram believes in learning everything by challenging and trying to prove the concept wrong so that he can understand it to the best without leaving any stone unturned. This will aid in his learning even as a teacher and this will bring him to achieve further feats and become a great teacher.

neo wei fen

U To B Grade In 6 Months (Attended Crash Course),          Neo Wei Fen, JJC:                                "He Also Gave Some Interesting Analogies To Make Us Understand And Remember Better!"

I was planning to just take up the crash courses in June for the physics topics I was weaker in a few months before A levels, but I ended up joining Mr. Lai’s weekly tuition classes after constant nagging from my best friend.

Mr. Lai is a very thoughtful teacher and his lessons are very helpful. I was extremely weak in Physics and thus sometimes I asked very basic questions that every J2 Physics student should have known. Mr. Lai was patient and he taught me step-by-step, ensuring that I understood.

He was also willing to stay back and teach after the allocated 2 hours of tuition. He will answer any question being raised because he was determined to make every student understand important concepts.

He kept repeating the same crucial key words and concepts that we could recite them every time he re-emphasized. He also gave interesting analogies to make us understand and remember better.

On top of these, when A levels were drawing closer, he made us go for tuition one hour earlier every week so that we can attempt papers from different schools, strengthening our concepts. He printed notes after notes, practices after practices. His notes are so much more detailed and precise than what I got from school.


His Methods Were Different From The Regular Teaching Methods In School, Priya, JJC:                              To Be Honest, He Actually Made Me Like Physics!"

I’ve been with Mr Lai for 4 years and he has helped me tremendously in my physics. When I was failing in class he had the patience to teach me from the basics. He always belief them at practice is the key to success.

His methods were different from the regular teaching methods in school. He uses technology to help us learn better. Example through the use of educational videos to pique our interest in the subject.

When there are questions which needed to be explain, he took the time and effort to compile videos of his explanation for us so that we are able to access it anywhere if we ever forget.

His notes are really detailed and easy to comprehend which is the key learning and understanding the subject. To be honest, he actually made me like physics. So thank you Mr Lai!


U To B Grade In A Level, Elisabeth, YJC:                        "Never Fails To Answer Even The Slightest Questions And He Has Definitely Been An Impactful Tutor!"

Mr Aw is a dedicated chemistry tutor who never fails to answer even the slightest questions and he has definitely been an impactful tutor to me. He has always given in his best to source for resources for students, even for subjects that he does not teach and tailors to every students’ individual needs by planning the lessons to cater to their weaknesses.

During the A level revision period, he was just a phone call away whenever I needed help with my chemistry. Furthermore, his notes are concise and succinct, such that students do not have to worry about having difficulty understanding them and they are the best resources to help you to recap your fundamentals just before the A level examinations.

My grades have improved from a U to a B in A levels, and this is owing to his dedication and patience in guiding me. Mr Aw has definitely been a great help to me in this tough journey and my improvements would not have been possible without him.


Shared His Studying Skills And Habits To Further Prepare Them For The Examinations,          Edward Wang, SRJC:                    "Having A Stress-Free Atmosphere Provides The Students With An Optimal Environment For Learning To Take Place!"

I have always enjoyed Mr Ram's lessons and having him as a tutor. He always makes it a point for lessons to be as engaging as possible, be it sharing with us knowledge that is beyond our textbooks or challenging us with questions that he came up with.

Lessons with Mr Ram have always been stress-free as he believes that having a stress-free atmosphere provides the students with an optimal environment for learning to take place. He is a caring and helpful teacher who always provides consultations even after school hours.

On a personal level, Mr Ram is good with his interpersonal communication skills. He makes the effort to know every student personally and treats them like his friends. He engages students in small talks after school hours as well just to know his students better.

Even after graduating, he makes it a point to know how his students are doing. During the A Level period, he shared his studying skills and habits to his students so as to further prepare them for the examinations.

In retrospect, Mr Ram is a well-rounded tutor who teaches with passion and care. He teaching philosophies had inspired many students.

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