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At the Physics Academy we take pride in providing our students with the best possible resources. Our master tutors have meticulously crafted these books to cater to the different needs of students for various levels and meant to be developmental. The books deepen our students understanding and strengthen their answering skills. 

We have books for all levels (Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary  O Level and A Level) as shown below. Enrol now to get a hold of all the books. 

The contents are STRICTLY reserved for our registered students.

Please kindly contact us at Tel: 9068 8953 if you are interested to know more about our PhysicsProf Learning System.

Physics Bible, Concept List, Formula Card



The Physics Compendium (AKA Physics Bible) consists of explanation questions which is the component that most students find challenging in an examination!

Our answers follow the Cambridge marking scheme and more than 20 marks were secured during national examinations every year just by flipping through our Physics Compendium.

Near the exam period, many are eager to purchase this Physics Compendium. However, this Compendium is exclusively for The Physics Academy students.


The Physics Concept List consists of all the concepts taught in the A-level syllabus. It serves as a self-check for students and allow tutors to keep a record of each student. When the students have done enough practices and managed to pass the quizzes for those concepts, the tutors will sign on the concept list.


The Physics Formula Card consists of summarized equations for every chapters. Easy to bring around, students can bring this along when they study and save time flipping through the notes for the necessary equations! Especially during Mid-Years of End-of-Year examinations when there are numerous chapters to revise, this formula card serves as a quick revision and recap for students while they are preparing for the exams.

Mastery Practices

In addition to the practices provided in the notes which are of national examinations standard, students are also able to have access to top Secondary or Junior College questions which are of higher difficulty.

Tutors will also base on each student’s weaknesses and provide additional questions for you to practice, creating a form of personalised learning catered to individuals.

This serves to stretch the students’ ability beyond their current level as the bell curve is consistently rising in this competitive society.

Mastery Practice O Lvl Physics
Mastery Practice H2 Physics
Mastery Practice IP Physics
Huge Qn Bank

Our Huge Question banks have UNLIMITED practices for students to utilize! 

Planning Solutions + TYS Solutions

The answer keys to the 10 Year Series and planning questions follow the Cambridge Marking Scheme which are only accessible at the Centre itself.

Filled with detailed explanation, these answer keys allow students to clear their misconceptions and recognize their mistakes. 

Our answer keys are the guarded secrets to what Cambridge want!

Weekly Quiz

Test Yourself With Our Weekly Quiz!

A Level Mathematics Weekly Quiz
A Level Physics Weekly Quiz
IP Mathematics Weekly Quiz
O Lvl Physics Weekly Quiz

The weekly quizzes allow students to attempt 1 quiz in the classroom before the end of each lesson.

If students did not manage to pass Quiz 1, they can revise and re-attempt Quiz 2 later at their convenience and preference.

The quizzes can help students to recap the concept after each lesson and allow them to know whether they are catching up with the lessons.

With the help of these quizzes, students can now better gauge their ability and tackle their own weaknesses!

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