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Singapore Best Physics Tutors & Education Specialists

All tutors in the Academy possess over 10 years of teaching experience each & more than just Subject Matter Experts & Education Specialists. Besides staying relevant to school syllabus / curriculum, they also have high familiar with Cambridge GCE A Levels & O Level Marking Scheme.

At the same time, they are life Coaches too who have transformed numerous students into confident, motivated achievers in life. One of them was even awarded Top 1% Tutors Education Award by NTU - another recognition of their teaching expertise

Because each student learns & processes information differently, to allow students to learn at their own pace & stretch their ability to the max, the academy utilises a proprietary "Inverted Classroom" teaching methodology with "increasing" levels of difficulty for a holistic, enriching & transformative learning experience for each student.

All students expressed that the methodology piques their interest in Physics, enables them to quickly understand & master each topic in-depth in shorter time. They can now complete homework with confidence, precision & score well in tests & exams.

Transformed Over 1500 Struggling A Level / O / IB / IP Students

To "A/B" Scorers in 6-9 Months


Today, the Physics Academy continues to focus on innovating its teaching methodologies & inspiring students & transforming the academic performance & lives of students who struggle with Physics, Chemistry & Science.

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Our Expertise

  • Remove Misconceptions At Early Stage

  • Build Solid Foundations With Mastery Practice

  • Keywords Mastery With Physics Bible

  • Stretch Students To H3/ Olympian Level

  • Personalised Learning With "Mr.Brain"

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