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The Guide to Choosing a Good Tutor

The Guide to Choosing a Good Tutor Good teachers are difficult to come by…and we all know that. At the beginning of every school year, you’ll hope that you’ll get a teacher who is knowledgeable enough (so that you wouldn’t end up having more questions than you’ve already had), entertaining enough (so that we won’t end up falling asleep in class), patient enough (to guide you through your mistakes), and available enough (so that you…

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Digital Teaching vs. Traditional Teaching

Digital Teaching vs. Traditional Teaching In today’s information era, where almost every question we ask, we can find the answers at our fingertips in seconds, unlike our less privileged predecessors, who had to read book after book, and even library after library to find the answers they seek which may have taken months. However, unlike back then, we may lack the necessary experts around us to help us discern facts from myths and truths from…

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Tips To Remember Science Content

1) Make sure you have all of your notes. That way when you’re ready to study, everything must be neatly organised and you can start studying right away. Also put the date at the top of the page when you start taking notes. This will keep you in chronological order, which can help you conceptualize the moment you were taking these notes and aid in studying. It is a very vital part of memorising as writing…

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