Why is Lower Secondary Science Important?

Why is Lower Secondary Science Important?

A blessing in disguise…

I’m sure you’ve heard about the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the world’s greatest spot for  tourist photos. Every year, your Instagram would be flooded with photos of your friends and relatives “holding up” the tower (But no one is going to “hold up” your grades in the same way, you’re on your  own!)

Interesting fact: A shallow foundation and the soft ground of Pisa were too unstable to support the building even in the early stages of construction, and that is why it is leaning now!

My point is…the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s signature tilt could have been avoided with better planning, just like how you can shape your own future by solidifying your foundation for secondary science and all other subjects.

The 1st 2 years in secondary school are usually the “honeymoon” years as your school wants you to explore your interests and preferences.

They’ll let you have a taste of all three sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), but they won’t go that in-depth. Many of you might not take it that well as you are only scratching the surface of things. It is also no wonder why many of you tend to underestimate the importance of doing well in your science subjects in lower secondary.

Lower secondary science serves as foundation building. If your foundation is solid, you will have no problems trying to understand more complicated concepts or applying them.

Student: In upper secondary, we’ll go back to learning the basics again anyways.
Why waste time now?

While it is true that teachers would revisit the basics again, they would not do so in such great detail as they did in lower secondary. At most, they’ll briefly bring you across the main points and leave you at that. Moreover, if you already know the basics at the back of your head, you wouldn’t have to bother revising them in upper secondary. Instead, you could spend your time more fruitfully by revising new concepts that you have yet to fully comprehend.

It’s a win(g)-wing(g) situation!

If you have attained good lower secondary science results, it’ll also determine if you will be able to take Triple Science in upper secondary. This seems desirable to most, though not all.

We call this, the downstream effect

The downstream effect points to how your choices now will affect the choices you will have in future. For example, if you are not able to take the Triple Science Combination, you will only be left with 2 sciences to choose from from you enter Junior College. If you choose to drop another 1 of your sciences, the probability of you entering a science-related course in future would be pretty low. But if you are already clear about what you want, not being eligible for the Triple Science Combination wouldn’t really matter.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make! In any case, I suppose that you’d rather be open to more options. If you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s never too late! You may do some research on the university courses that you are interested in and check out what the requirements are like to exemplify your choice!

If you question your foundation in science, just like how the builders of the Leaning Tower noticed their architectural follies early in the two-century construction project and managed to resolve the tilting crisis in time, you’ll have to brush up your scientific knowledge pronto if you want to do well in science in future!

XMEducation does not specialise in building magnificent towers, but we do specialise in grooming young children like you to be the architectures, scientists or even researchers of tomorrow! Whether or not you’re a fresh secondary 1 student who has just embarked on your secondary school journey, or a secondary 2 student completing your 2nd year in secondary school, it is never too late to make a difference. Join us today if you hope to be another Leaning Tower miracle 🙂

Check out below for a testimonial on how we took a troubled science student, and transformed him into the top of his cohort!

Mr Lai is a passionate and wonderful teacher. He is patient when helping me to understand, he also makes the lesson or allow me to understand easily. Without him I do not think I would be able to be the top in the cohort for science. Especially for chemistry, I had troubles in the topics but with mr Lai, I understood what was going on and got an A1 for chemistry in SA1 and SA2. And with physics, it was a boring class in school but somehow Mr Lai made it interesting and I started to get interested in physics. Mr Lai is definitely a good teacher when there are difficulties coping with science. I am very fortunate to be taught by Mr Lai.

– Ewan, ACS Barker

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